Senior PR Consultant

The best inspirations spray out from a touch of madness. This is the motto that drives Antoine’s everyday life. Antoine owns a Master degree in Communication and Journalism, delivered by the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He benefits from over 10 years of experience in the field of communication. After he graduated, Antoine worked for two years in the events organization business, where he manage from A to Z the organization of events for companies, professional associations and the public sector (among others during the Belgian presidency of the European Union).

Antoine then joined T42 Films as production manager, where his task consisted in managing the production of filmed commercials for television, theatres and the internet.

Two years later, he returned to his chosen field - corporate communications – as a communication consultant for public relations agency Worldcom Europe Brussels, where he and Hans Karperien met.

Antoine joined InstiCOM at the creation of the agency in 2010 where he developped the customer portfolio. As a PR manager and senior consultant, Antoine advises companies —publicly traded or not— from various sectors, from which associations, ICT, transportation, travel, architecture/construction.

Antoine is fluent in French (native speaker), Dutch and English. He spents his free time with his family and friends, making noise with a guitar, biking in the woods or riding a motorcycle.