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You can count on our communications advice on a strategic and on an operational level. This advice is translated into a pragmatic communications approach, always closely related to your organization’s objectives.


From strategy to execution

In need of communications advice concerning the (re)positioning of your company or your brand? Having a problem with your external communications or a particular project? In developing your communications strategy, InstiCOM transforms your organizational objectives into concrete communications objectives. The plan creates a link between the different communications channels and platforms, which is the basis for success.

The communications plan lays down the tactics for realizing the strategic objectives. The plan clarifies the relationship between all communications media and consists of four parts: analysis, tactical interpretation, practical performance and impact assessment. The communications media for each target group are charted using a target-group-media matrix. The communication plan has a clear timeline with a realistic planning to ensure success.




InstiCOM creates structural media attention for the airport

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