How do we work?


How do we work?

Your stakeholders can be engaged effectively with InstiCOM’s unique strategy, InstiCOM3. This consists of three interconnected elements, namely: COMmoments, COMframes and COMmethods. By deploying these simultaneously, you can reach the right target audiences with the right message and at the right time.



A good PR-policy does not operate in isolation, but is closely linked to all communication activities within the organisation. InstiCOM can help you to form or optimise your communication strategy as well as give tailor-made advice. In order to achieve good results, it is vital that marketing, advertising and PR closely cooperate. Continuity and consistency are the keywords.

To maintain the right flow, InstiCOM stays in regular contact with you. On the basis of extensive daily monitoring, our consultants inform you about trends and opportunities regarding your sector and activities. Together we acquire, as partners in communication, new insights, subjects and ideas that can take your communication to the next level.

Your target audiences are looking for information that is relevant, interesting and varied. This search is never-ending and requires a structured approach.

Working closely with you, InstiCOM defines the topics and themes that are interesting to your stakeholders. Whether the content deals with company news, industry opinion, or context- or date-specific events, we answer the needs of your target audiences.

Many people mistake PR for media relations. As they are under great pressure, the traditional media do not necessarily pick up your information, how interesting it may be. The result is that content disappears without reaching your target audiences. For InstiCOM, PR is the whole of activities that you undertake to reach your stakeholders in an efficient way. Possible activities can range from internal mailings to certain members of staff, over drafting texts for the corporate content platform, to major public announcements via the press, the Internet and social media. To obtain the best results, the COMmethods combine three elements, being: ‘traditional’, ‘relevant’ and ‘social’.


As the traditional media are under pressure, it becomes increasingly difficult to get so-called free publicity in Belgium. Nevertheless, InstiCOM maintains excellent knowledge of the Belgian media landscape and develops good relations with newspapers and relevant magazines.

The media do remain an important means to reach your target groups, however. That is why, we advise to present “pressworthy” content to relevant media. The ‘traditional’ method of InstiCOM makes use of, amongst others, press releases, interview lobbying and press events.


Making your quality content available to all is one of our priorities. In order for it to be relevant, editorial content needs to be available and easy to find via an online content platform.


You can greatly increase your reach by being present on Social Media. With our social method, InstiCOM transforms your content in a Social Media posting plan, which allows you to easily manage a structural and relevant presence on these platforms.


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