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No-nonsense, result-driven communication No-nonsense, result-driven communication

To effectively reach your stakeholders and increase your credibility, InstiCOM combines traditional with modern communication methods. The traditional media are under pressure, but remain an important communications channel. As experts of the Belgian media landscape, our consultants help you to improve your presence in the press.

By complementing classical PR methods with modern approaches, InstiCOM can assure that you reach your communications objectives. Your target audiences use the Internet, whether via their computer, tablet or smartphone. They are looking for information about your company and rely on different online platforms such as Social Media, blogs and forums. On the basis of a thorough analysis of your company, our consultants will develop a communications strategy that answers the online and offline needs of your stakeholders. Via this strategy, you will gain awareness, increase your credibility and consolidate their preference towards you.




InstiCOM creates structural media attention for the airport

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