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Online communications & social media Online communications & social media

InstiCOM can advise you on your online communications strategy and make sure you receive structural attention.


Practical advice

Thanks to a Social Media Scan, you will receive an overview of where and how your organisation is currently active online. InstiCOM analyses whether your online and social activities are contributing to your business and communications objectives. On the basis of the results of the Scan, InstiCOM’s Social Media experts will advise you on the usage of blogs, Social Media platforms and online media. This advice also takes into account the whole of your current communications channels.

Online newsroom & web care team

To ensure that you are reaching your stakeholders efficiently online, InstiCOM will professionalise the ‘news’ section of your website or your online (social) newsroom. You can also ask InstiCOM to provide a newsroom, which helps you to expand the reach of your online communications efforts. With a newsroom, you gain online visibility and are easier to find by your stakeholders.

In crisis situations, the InstiCOM web care team ensures that any (online) issue or crisis is nipped in the bud.




InstiCOM creates structural media attention for the airport

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