Our three cornerstones


Why communicate?

Raising awareness

First of all, your stakeholders need to know that you exist. Your stakeholders can be any combination of your customers, prospects, the press, shareholders, employees, partners, trade associations, etc. The content of and about your company, needs to be easy to find and visible - both online and offline.

InstiCOM attracts media attention to your offering and helps you to obtain visibility with your target audiences.

Increasing your credibility

You need to offer content that is relevant to your stakeholders. By fulfilling their information needs, your company will gain the name of being an expert and a credible source.

InstiCOM improves the reputation and the authority position of your organisation and its offering.

Cultivating preference

By proposing relevant information that is credible and easy to find, you positively influence the preference your stakeholders have for your brand, products and services.

The ‘InstiCOM3’ methodology guaranties that you get structural attention from your stakeholders, clients and the media. We help position you as their preferred partner and increase their attachment to you.


InstiCOM creates structural media attention for the airport

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